There are various methods that you can utilize to clean or unclog your sewer line. However, out of all the different techniques you can use to clean or clear your sewer line, nothing compares to sewer line jetting.

Sewer jetting involves pumping highly pressurized water down your sewer line to wash away any dirt or clogs present in the pipes. Most people may complain that sewer jetting is more costly than other sewer line cleaning or unblocking techniques. However, when you weigh the benefits of sewer jetting against the cost, you will realize that it is worth it.

Thus, here are three benefits of sewer line jetting.

Thoroughly Clean the Sewer Line

Most sewer cleaning or unclogging methods, such as snaking, agitate a clog to allow wastewater to pass. Thus, accumulated grease and sludge are left on the sewer line walls. After a short time, these remnants allow debris to get attached to your sewer line walls. Thus, in a matter of weeks or months, the amount of debris that will have accumulated on the sewer walls is sufficient to cause another clog.

However, due to high pressure rushing through your sewer lines when using a sewer jetting service, all the debris, including the grease and oil attached to the sewer line walls, get carried away. Thus, your sewer line is left spick and span at the end of the sewer jetting service. Therefore, there is no chance of leftover debris that could facilitate the buildup of another clog any time soon.

Remove Bad Odors

If your sewer line gets clogged or has too much foul-smelling debris in it, you may experience a foul smell emanating from it. In most cases, when you get the sewer line unclogged, the foul smell may still be persistent because there is still some leftover debris clinging to the walls of the sewer line.

You could use chemicals to reduce the smell, but this option is often temporary because the chemical drains away quickly. However, sewer jetting washes away even the stubborn debris that clings to the sewer line walls.

Thus, because such stubborn debris is why the foul odor persists after you unclog your sewer line, sewer jetting prevents the reoccurrence of the bad smell. 

Save Money

Though sewer jetting is more expensive than other sewer line cleaning or unclogging methods, it can save you more money in the long run.

As mentioned earlier, conventional methods of sewer line clearing do not clean a sewer line as well as sewer jetting. Thus, after a sewer line jetting session, it could be years before you encounter another sewer line clog. Therefore, you don't need sewer line jetting services as often as you need conventional sewer cleaning/unblocking services.

Thus, in the long run, the frequent clogs in your sewer line will force you to spend more money on conventional sewer cleaning and unblocking services than it costs to hire a sewer jetting service.