If you have a drilling company and are starting to find limited access areas being more relevant, then you want to adapt and include limited access drilling into your operations. You'll be able to succeed with this new drilling application thanks to these steps.

Find Out How the Rigs Differ

You may be accustomed to using rather large drilling rigs because there are no restrictions around the area you're working on. Limited access drilling rigs are different. They will be much more compact and have mechanisms that are specifically designed for tighter areas. You need to find out exactly how these rigs differ compared to the current rigs you use. Then you can reduce the learning curve and make sure the limited access drilling rig operators are appropriately trained on how to appropriately respond.

Practice Limited Access Scenarios

You ideally don't want to just start using these rigs around limited access areas without practicing first. They could cause major damage that you'll be responsible for. Practice will get operators comfortable with the movements and the actions that limited access drilling rigs can perform. Most importantly, your operators will become used to working in spaces where there isn't a lot of room. It may be areas close to other structures. Going through movements with the rig and performing practice drilling will make a huge difference in how you're able to adapt to limited access drilling for clients that really need it. 

Find Ways to Mitigate Risk

Limited access drilling is probably going to throw more safety variables at your drilling company. That's because working in tight quarters increases the chance of error since there isn't as much room to work with. If your drilling company accepts these risks and plans for them before limited access drilling rigs are used, you're going to mitigate a lot of risk. For example, you can have all of your operators receive safety training where they have to show safety awareness to complete these programs. That will be huge in getting operators informed on safety protocols and safety hazards they'll be exposed to.

A lot of drilling companies are starting to rely more on limited access drilling operations. It opens up their business to more clients. If your company is planning to do this, have an understanding of the new drilling equipment involved and the new risk factors you'll be taking on. Contact limited access drilling services to learn more.