When it comes to finding a new steel distributor, the task may prove a bit daunting. This is because determining the supplier that best meets your needs is no easy feat. With that in mind, the following questions will guide you in vetting potential suppliers before finally settling for one. Each question gives you an inner view of the type of distributor you're going to deal with.

Which Types of Steel Are Available?

If you are focused on getting the right person for the job, you might as well dive right in and ask what they are offering. There is no need to waste your time on a supplier that doesn't have the commodities you require. Find out the type of steel they have stocked and ask if they have alternatives for when your needs will change. It is also helpful to ask about the steel chemistry specifications and several other details.

How Do They Ensure Competitive Pricing Without Altering Quality?

The steel quality you use for goods manufacturing will have an impact on the quality of the finished product. With that in mind, you'll realize that nobody is willing to pay extra to get good steel. Therefore, it is essential to have a talk with the steel distributor and suggest ways to save you additional costs without affecting the quality. The talk gives you an insight into what to expect once you have chosen the steel distributor.

For How Long Have They Been In The Industry?

Experience is always a crucial factor, especially in creating partnerships. It helps to find you someone that has been in the distributorship business for a while, as they are likely to have created a network. Most people are wary of newer suppliers as they may not have the necessary connections to sell high-quality steel and affordable prices. Besides, a distributor that has been in existence for a long time builds trust with their customers, and the same cannot be said for new suppliers.

Who Are Their Clients?

By asking this question, you will establish whether or not the distributor is familiar with the projects you are undertaking. This way, they will serve your sourcing needs better. If a large part of the distributor's clientele is in different niches or their quantity needs are lower than yours, it is an indication that they may not be the best person for you.

Also, ask your steel distributor if they offer other services such as steel slitting and inventory management. You will be surprised by how much they can offer.