Grass fed beef

Grass Fed Beef

Why choose grass-fed beef over corn-fed beef?

If you are someone who loves beef then you must have come across many types of beef, such as organic beef, grass-fed beef, and corn-fed beef. All these meat differ in quality depending upon the consumption of food by cows. So, before selecting grass-fed beef Colorado, it will be prudent to understand the difference between grass fed and corn fed beef, but before that try to understand why to give importance to this distinction.

Why learn about the types of beef you are buying?

The quality of beef matters a lot today and this is well reflected on the counter of a butcher shop where you find steaks of different types of beef, such as Angus, Wagyu, Kobe, etc. Apart from this, you also find a variety of beef which profusely depends on the type of diet provided to the cows.

Interestingly, the two varieties which are usually offered to you in a butcher’s shop or in packaged beef are – grass-fed beef Colorado and corn-fed beef. Now, these two are quite different and so are the prices. Therefore, it is necessary to check why the two types of beef are differently priced.

What is Grass-Fed Beef?

The meat of the cattle, which is grazed on grassy pastures in their entire lives, is labeled as Grass-Fed Beef. The cost of this type of beef is quite high and the major reasons behind this are that the grass-fed cows take a longer time to reach the desired weight and since they consume natural diet so the quality of the beef is better and the way of raising it is more sustainable.

Furthermore, the nutrition of the grass-fed beef Colorado also varies and the meat contains more antioxidants and vitamins. Even the presence of omega-3 fatty acid in this type of meat is twice than the regular beef. In addition to this, the fat present in grass-fed beef is less than the ones which are fed profusely on grain or corn. However, this also means that the beef is chewier, but if cooked properly then it can give amazing flavor with more nutrients.  

What is Corn-Fed Beef?

Unlike grass-fed beef, the corn-fed beef is the type of meat obtained from cows that profusely consumed corn or grain throughout their life. This makes the fat to muscle ratio higher in this type of beef as the diet on which the cows were fed included more of grains rather than greens. Also, the chances of using preventative antibiotics among the cattle consuming corn diet are higher as these cows get sick easily due to the lower consumption of their natural diet, which is grass.  

Nevertheless, the presence of more fat in the beef makes it tender and tastier, but also unhealthier.


You must remember that the taste of the beef matters but not more than its quality. That is why you are advised to opt for grass-fed beef Colorado which offers you nutrient-rich meat which tastes good and is healthier to consume.