If your basement wasn't fully waterproofed when your house was built, then you might not be able to use this room. It might be damp and prone to mold problems.

If you want to turn your basement into a usable space, then you can take remedial waterproofing measures. For example, you can use a tanking slurry to prevent water and moisture from coming into the room through its walls and floor.

How does tanking slurry work? What are the benefits of using it to waterproof your basement space?

How Does Tanking Slurry Work?

Tanking slurry is a surface waterproofing treatment. It comes in powder or ready-mixed forms. Both options contain a specialty mix of cement, chemicals, and aggregates.

If you use a powder mix, then you add water and a bonding agent to the powder to turn it into a paintable liquid that will adhere to surfaces. Ready-mixed slurries can be applied without any preparation.

Once your slurry is in a liquid form, you simply paint one or two coats onto your basement walls, floor, and ceiling. The slurry forms insoluble crystals when it is in a liquid state. These crystals bond to a surface and fill any cracks or gaps. Once dry, the slurry creates an impenetrable waterproofed barrier.

Why Use Tanking Slurry?

Some waterproofing processes can be invasive. You might have to dig up walls or floors to deal with water problems. You then have to put the surfaces back together again. You will spend a lot of time and money making your basement more waterproof.

Tanking saves you time and money. You simply need clear access to the surfaces you will be coating. You then paint the slurry mix onto them. Once coated, the job is done.

The costs of the slurry mix and labor are likely to be a lot lower than more invasive treatments. You'll finish the job more quickly. Even if your basement is large, you can have it all waterproofed and ready to use after a couple of simple slurry coats.

A tanking slurry mix should also make your basement ready for long-term use. Water can't penetrate through your surfaces to create too much moisture, water build-up, or condensation. Previously moldy areas should stay clean and clear.

It's wise to use professional tanking services to do this job. They will have the knowledge and expertise to mix the slurry correctly and apply it effectively in the right places. To find out more, contact basement waterproofing services.