Has someone gifted you a pile of reclaimed barn wood? Or maybe you purchased some reclaimed wood, but now you're not sure what to do with it. Some people like to use the wood for inside projects, such as making sliding doors or dining room tables. But if you would rather keep your reclaimed wood outdoors, there are still plenty of fun ways to use it. Here are a few reclaimed wood projects to get you started.

A Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are really popular these days. They make it easier to garden since you do not have to bend down as far, and they also keep your garden contained. You can build a raised garden bed out of reclaimed wood, which will give it a stylish look. All you really need to do is screw together four pieces of lumber in a square shape and then secure them with smaller, vertical pieces of wood in the corners. You could stack another set of wood pieces on top to make the bed taller if desired. Place the garden bed over some landscaping fabric, and fill it with your preferred soil mixture. Now, you're ready to plant your vegetables, flowers, or herbs.

A Grilling Platform

Are you tired of dragging your grill out onto the grass each time you want to grill something? The grass may get caught in the wheels, and the grill will sink into the soil on wet days. If you make a grilling platform with your reclaimed wood, you'll have somewhere that you can leave your grill all the time. The platform will also add a hint of style to your backyard. To make the platform, you'll need to attach a good number of boards together to create a square or rectangle. Then, add feet on all four corners to raise the platform off the ground a little. This is important so that water flows under it, rather than saturating the boards. 

You can make your grilling platform even cooler with some railings. Put one along one side, or put railings on both sides. This not only makes the platform more secure but also adds some style.

If you have a load of reclaimed lumber, there are lots of things you can build with it. Raised garden beds and grilling platforms are both easy to make and functional. You'll enjoy having these items in your space.

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