If you store your car or truck inside a garage when you are not using it, you need to be able to open and close the overhead door from either side. However, if the door stops working, there are some things that could be the culprit, and often your best option is to call a garage door repair service to inspect the door assembly. 

Garage Door Functions

Your overhead garage door opens and closes by sliding through tracks that support the door panels and keeps everything aligned. If the door is not functioning, one of the first things the garage door repair service will check is the tracks and the rollers on the door. 

If the track is bent or the rollers are binding, the door may be out of alignment with the track and may become difficult to move. The rollers and tracks are adjustable, but only if there is no major damage to them. If you have to replace some rollers, upgrading the rollers with a high-quality polyurethane roller and bearing can improve the function of your garage door.

Door Springs

Above the overhead doors are two torsion springs that assist you in raising and lowering the door. If you have to open the door manually, those springs will take most of the weight, so you do not strain to try to lift the weight from the floor to the top of the door frame. 

Occasionally the torsion springs crack or break with age, leaving one spring to do the work of both. The added strain on the single spring often causes the second to fail, leaving you with a garage door that is hard to open. A garage door repair service can replace the torsion spring with new ones and set the spring rates to handle the door without overtightening the springs when they are under full load. 

Garage Door Openers

Most homes use a garage door opener to do the work when the door needs to open or close. If the door opener is not working, you can disconnect it with the cord and t-handle hanging from the track, then open the door manually. 

Check the breaker that feeds the door opener if yours stops working to ensure it is getting electricity. If you can't get it to open or close, your local garage door repair service can test it to see if there is an issue with the motor, a sensor problem that is not allowing the door to move, or some other problem that you may not see. Replacing the garage door opener is a straightforward repair, and most garage door repair services can handle the work and complete the repair in a couple of hours.

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