If you own a piece of land and would like to know more about it, you could be thinking about having an ALTA survey done. This is also commonly done when a person is seriously considering making an offer on a piece of property but might want to know more about that property beforehand. It doesn't really matter why you're having an ALTA land survey done, but you should know that your survey will probably be much more in-depth and will provide you with a lot more information than a regular boundary survey would. If you're wondering about the information that should be listed on your ALTA survey, you should know that these are some of the tidbits of information that you should be looking for.

Boundary Information

Even though an ALTA survey is different than a boundary survey, it still lists the same information that a boundary survey would list. For example, information about where the property's boundaries are should be listed on the survey. Because of this, you shouldn't have to worry about getting both a boundary survey and an ALTA survey. Instead, you should be able to get this information from your ALTA survey.

Utility Information

If the piece of land that you own or are thinking about purchasing already has existing utilities, you will want to know about them. Then, you will know which utilities you do and do not need to have installed. Plus, you will know where underground utility lines are so that you can avoid damaging them when you're doing work on the property. Luckily, your ALTA survey should include plenty of information about any existing utilities that are present on the property.

Existing Improvement Information

If the property has had improvements done to it, such as structures that have been constructed, or if major earthmoving work has been done, then this information should be listed on your survey. This will help you get an idea of what will and will not need to be done to the property, and you can start making plans for what you will do with the property.

Significant Observations

Lastly, the person who will be performing a survey on your land should be used to looking at different plots of land. This means that they should be able to observe if there are any strange, unusual, or different things about the property. These basic observations should be listed on your ALTA survey report.

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