When you need to have demolition work done, it's essential that you plan it out and execute it properly. There are a lot of potential mistakes that you need to avoid making regarding demolition on your property.

The following are six things not to do regarding demolition on your worksite.

Failing to find the location of utility lines on your site before demolition work

Utility lines are one of the biggest hazards to be aware of before demolition work begins. Make sure that you don't accidentally damage gas lines because this can create severe hazards on your property. Locate gas lines and adjust your demolition plans to avoid causing damage to them to ensure that work proceeds safely and efficiently. 

Trying to do your own demolition work

Demolition work should always be left to the professionals. Demolition work may require the use of heavy-duty equipment or dangerous explosives that could cause a lot of damage and injury risks if they are not handled by experienced professionals. 

Failing to notify everyone on your site of upcoming demolition work

Notifying staff members on your property about upcoming demolition work is essential. By notifying staff members, you can make sure that everyone on your worksite is aware of any hazards on your site due to demolition work.

Notifying staff members about upcoming demolition work also makes it so that your staff members can plan their worksite tasks around demolition work to maximize the worksite productivity for your commercial operation. 

Neglecting to let owners of neighboring properties know about your demolition work schedule

It's always a good idea to let other businesses and property owners in your vicinity know when you will be having demolition work done. Demolition work can create a lot of noise and potentially lead to temporary air pollution in the area that your neighbors should know about in advance. 

Being unaware of permit requirements beforehand

In most municipalities, permits are required to legally carry out demolition work. That's why it's essential for you to research the details on needed permits and acquire said permits before demolition work begins. 

Demolishing part of a structure that you will later want to preserve

Put careful consideration into a demolition project before you follow through with your plans for it. It's not uncommon for property owners to regret parts of a demolition project later on.

Make sure you limit demolition work to parts of an existing structure that you really will be better off without. You may be able to specify demolition work for certain parts of a structure or complex while leaving other portions intact that may be valuable to you down the road. 

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