If your property does not currently have a garage, this may be an addition that you are wanting to make to the property. When you are preparing to make this upgrade to your property, there are several mistakes that you will want to avoid when designing and building the new garage.

Providing Inadequate Ventilation For The Garage

The ventilation for the garage is an issue that individuals may fail to appreciate when they are first designing the garage. However, if this space does not have good ventilation, it can contribute to the interior developing foul odors, hazardous fumes from the vehicle accumulating more quickly, and the interior becoming hotter during the summer months. Excessive humidity can be another problem that can arise, and this may even contribute to mold or other moisture damage occurring to the interior of the garage. An active ventilation system for the garage can avoid these problems, and it will be relatively affordable to add to the majority of garage designs.

Failing To Conduct Soil Assessments Before Starting Construction

Failing to assess the condition of the soil is a mistake that can lead to substantial problems in the future. For example, loose soil that is unable to support the weight of the garage can cause it to settle in an uneven way, which may cause structural damages to result. A comprehensive soil assessment can help you to know whether the area will need lime stabilization or other upgrades to make it suitable for the placement of the garage. Unfortunately, homeowners that fail to consider this need before starting the construction of the garage can find that they may have to pay for expensive repairs in the future. This is particularly true when you are needing to use the garage to both hold your vehicle and to serve as a general workspace, since the weight of the car, the structure, and the equipment can put tremendous strain on the soil and foundation.

Building A Garage That Is Too Small

When deciding on the size of your garage, it is important to be mindful to avoid the risk of building a structure that is simply too small for your needs. While the size and number of the cars that will be in it is a major consideration, it is also important to consider the other ways that you are wanting to use this space. For example, individuals will often include designated storage and workspaces. This can provide your new garage with the versatility that it needs to meet all of your needs.

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