If you are in the process of considering your options for building a custom home, the choice of choosing a log home design can be an option that you may not have given much consideration to. This is particularly true if you are making some assumptions about this type of home.

Myth: Log Homes Only for Those That Prefer a Rustic Lifestyle

The assumption that log homes are only suited for a more rustic lifestyle can be something that many people believe to be true. In reality, a modern log house will be able to offer the full range of amenities and comforts that individuals would want. Additionally, it is possible to build multi-level log homes that can provide an expansive interior space for you and your family.

Myth: It Will Be Difficult or Exceedingly Expensive to Get Log Home Materials

Cost is always a factor that will need to be considered during the design and construction process. Individuals may assume that a log home will be extremely costly to build due to the difficulty of finding suitable logs. In reality, there are log home material suppliers that are able to offer you the type and size of logs that your home will need. These suppliers can also offer delivery of these materials.

Myth: A Log Home Will Be Prone to Rot and Termites

Due to the use of logs, it is easy to think that a log home will be more vulnerable to rot or termite problems than traditional wood homes. Yet, these logs will be thoroughly treated to help them be as resistant to these sources of wear as traditional wooden houses. Over the years, you can have the exterior of the house coated with sealants and pesticides to maintain the level of protection that it enjoys. These attributes make it possible for a log home to last for decades before it suffers enough wear to justify replacing some of the logs.

Myth: The Construction Process for Log Homes Will Take Much Longer

A major advantage of log homes is their construction time. This style of house can have among the quickest construction times, which can be an important factor if you are wanting to be able to move into the home as soon as possible. As with any construction project, the actual time that will be needed can vary depending on the design of the house and the terrain. A log home construction contractor should be able to prepare an accurate estimate for the cost and the time needed.

If you're looking for a log home material supplier, contact one today to learn more about your options for log cabin living.