When designed, installed, and maintained correctly, residential roofs can last for the entirety of their expected lifespans. Unfortunately, there are many roofing mishaps and problems that can affect how long a roof can last. Fixing these roofing issues is essential to maximizing the life of your home's roof while protecting the building interiors against inclement weather conditions.

Check out these 3 common problems that you may experience with your residential roof and how they can be addressed.

Roof Leaks

Of the many different kinds of issues you may have with your residential roofing system, leaking is one of the most dreadful ones. A leaky roof has the potential to cause major structural damage to your home by allowing rainwater to seep into areas of the building that are supposed to remain dry. This can lead to expensive home repair costs, as well as several other problems, such as a mold infestation.

Roof leaks have a variety of causes, but they generally point to the fact that your roof isn't as watertight as it should be. Some common reasons why your residential roof may leak include:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Damaged or worn flashing
  • Holes around hardware such as nails and screws

The repair process for a leaking roof requires identifying the source of the leak and then fixing it. For instance, damaged or missing shingles and flashing will need to be removed and replaced while the holes created around fastenings like nails and screws will need to be sealed with the appropriate material.

Clogged Gutters

As a part of normal roof care, you're supposed to clean your gutters on a regular basis to keep them in good working condition when the rainy weather begins.

If you neglect to maintain your gutters, they may fail at their job of directing water from the exterior walls and foundation of your home. This can result in major structural damages to the home, which can be extremely costly to repair.

If you discover that your gutters are clogged due to excessive buildup of dirt and debris, you should schedule a gutter cleaning service to restore the fast and efficient flow of rain from the top of your roof to a stormwater drainage or water storage tank.

Storm Damage

When Mother Nature rears its ugly head, there may be little you can do to save your house from the destruction that she unleashes. If your residential roof has suffered damage due to a storm event that occurred the previous night, you should bring in an expert to assess the damage and recommend the necessary roof repair work.

While experiencing roofing problems is a normal part of homeownership, you shouldn't let it ruin your investment and compromise the safety of your loved ones. Make sure you contact a residential roofing contractor near you at the earliest sign of trouble.