Have you been doing things the old fashion way and using an outhouse as a means for managing your human waste needs due to living in a rural area? Although an outhouse is sufficient enough for storing human waste, it is also inconvenient since you have to go outside to use the toilet. If you want a more convenient bathroom, getting a septic system installed is a worthy investment. Once the septic system has been installed, you will be able to use the bathroom in your house rather than going into the outhouse. This article provides insight into what you should expect if you get a septic system professionally installed on your property.

Getting Waste from the Toilet to the Tank

The main purpose of a septic system is to ensure that waste from the toilet in your house flows into a safe storage area. Basically, a contractor will have to install a tank somewhere in your yard, usually near the house. They will also have to connect plumbing lines that go from the tank to the lines that are in your house. Keep in mind that you might actually have to get additional lines installed in your house. It is possible that the lines in your house may need to be rerouted a specific way as well, but you won't know until you speak to a septic system installation professional.

Ensuring Waste in the Tank is Handled Properly

Once waste flows into the tank when a toilet is flushed in your house, it begins to fill it up. One perk about waste being in a tank is that a lot of it will naturally be removed as bacteria begins to grow in the tank. For instance, bacteria is able to consume a portion of the solid waste that is stored in a septic tank. However, the liquid waste will have to be removed, which is why a professional will have to install what is called a drain field. A drain field is an outlet for liquid waste to flow from the tank and into the soil on your property.

Maintaining the System After Installation

There is more to a septic system than simply getting it installed on your property, as you must also keep it functional. You will have to get the tank pumped out sometimes, and also get maintenance for various parts of the system. The pumping and maintenance can be performed by a professional.

For more information, reach out to septic installation services near you.