If you're a homeowner who is looking into insulation materials, you do have options. Instead of immediately choosing fiberglass insulation or another popular insulation type, consider some of the other insulation types that are out there, such as wool insulation. Wool insulation isn't an insulation type that a lot of homeowners are familiar with; in fact, you may not even realize that it exists. However, wool insulation can be a fantastic choice for your home for these reasons and more.

It's Not the Most Expensive Insulation Option

When you first started pricing the cost of buying new insulation for your home, you might have been interested in purchasing fiberglass insulation. After all, you might have noticed that fiberglass insulation is one of the cheapest types of insulation that you can purchase, which can certainly make it very appealing. However, although wool insulation is usually a bit more expensive than fiberglass insulation, it's not the most expensive insulation type, and there are ways that you can shop for affordable wool insulation. For example, buying it in bigger rolls is usually cheaper and will leave you with plenty of wool insulation for your project.

It's More Pleasant to Work With

If you have ever had to install fiberglass insulation, or if you have ever just come in contact with fiberglass insulation, then you probably know just how uncomfortable it can be to work with. It can cause itchy skin and other issues, and in some cases, it can even cause small cuts on your skin. Fiberglass insulation can also be hazardous for your eyes if you aren't wearing proper safety protection. Wool insulation, on the other hand, is actually soft and comfortable to the touch. You'll probably find it to be so pleasant and comfortable to work with that you'll want to lie on top of it to take a nap in the middle of the job.

It's an Environmentally Friendly Insulation Type

As you can probably imagine, fiberglass insulation is not the most environmentally friendly insulation type that you can purchase. Since wool is naturally produced, and since it isn't harmful to the environment when it's disposed of, wool insulation is typically going to be a much more environmentally friendly insulation type for you to purchase. If you're attempting to transform your home so it's more environmentally friendly, or if you are hoping to build a more environmentally friendly home, using wool insulation can be a good idea.

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