When renting a dumpster, choosing the right size for your needs is an essential part of getting the job done. Choosing a dumpster that is too small could result in you not having enough space to dispose of all your materials. While one that is too large could result in you paying far more in rental fees than is truly necessary for the job at hand. 

To complicate matters further, the overall volume of a dumpster is just one factor that must be considered when selecting a size. You will also need to consider the weight of the materials you will be disposing of, as well as the overall height of the dumpster and the type of materials you need to get rid of. Below you can learn more about how each of these factors play into which size dumpster is right for you. 

The Weight Of Overall Load

In addition to the volume, each size will have a maximum amount of weight that it is intended to hold. Exceeding these weight limits can result in expensive fees in addition to your base rental fees. In most cases, upgrading to a larger dumpster will ultimately cost less than being stuck paying the fees associated with exceeding the weight limits outlined in your dumpster rental contract. While this may not be an issue you need to worry about when disposing of mostly light items, it can have a big impact on your choice of dumpster when disposing of items such as concrete or gravel.

The Height Of The Dumpster

Many dumpster rental companies require that all items being disposed of fit within the dumpster walls without towering over the top of the dumpster in order to avoid any additional dumping fees. This is why the overall height of the dumpster is an important factor to consider if you plan on disposing of taller items such as household furniture. While the overall volume of a smaller dumpster may accommodate the width and weight of the materials, these dumpsters may be too short to accommodate the height of the materials. 

The Type Of Materials Being Disposed Of

Another common restriction placed on dumpster rentals is that a dumpster can only be used for disposing of one particular class of materials. For instance, a dumpster may only be used for either the disposing of household waste or construction materials. The mixing of materials is not allowed since each of these materials will need to be dumped in a different manner in order for the waste management company to remain in compliance with all local laws. If you plan on disposing of materials in multiple different classes, you may need to rent two smaller dumpsters rather than one large dumpster in order to allow for the separation of these materials. 

Reach out to a dumpster rental company to learn more.