When you are needing to have underground piping or cabling installed on your property, horizontal directional boring services can provide some important benefits over more traditional excavation services and options.

Minimize Damage To The Landscaping

Whenever underground cabling and piping need to be added to your property, you may want to limit the damage that occurs to your landscaping. Unfortunately, some people might assume that this is not possible with these projects, but horizontal directional boring can help to accomplish this. These services will only need to break the surface of the ground once so that the horizontal drilling system can be lowered into position. Once it is in place, it can create the necessary tunneling so that the piping or cabling can be installed. During this process, the roots of some plants may be damaged, but they will generally be able to recover from this after several weeks.

Reduce Erosion Issues

A common problem that can occur after excavation work is completed can be the development of erosion control problems for the area. This is often a result of the soil being disturbed enough so that it will no longer be held in place as securely as it was before. Homeowners may find that there is little that they can do about this problem until the grass grows over the disturbed soil. However, horizontal boring systems can avoid this as they will not disturb the soil that is along the surface of the ground. Furthermore, the hole that they drill through the soil can be sized so that it will perfectly fit the piping or cabling that is needing to be installed. This can avoid the risk of the soil collapsing or settling in a way that causes the topsoil to be more prone to eroding.

Complete The Boring More Quickly

Any type of excavation work will need to be completed as quickly as possible to minimize the disruptions to your property. In this regard, horizontal directional boring systems can be among the fastest and most efficient solutions. This is partly a result of the fact that these systems will have to remove less soil in order to accommodate the pipe or cabling that is being laid. In contrast, conventional excavation systems will need to remove all of the soil until the desired depth is reached, which can take far longer to complete. Not surprisingly, this is one of the more popular excavation solutions for those that are overseeing time-sensitive projects.