The drain field has the biggest effect for working on your septic tank system. But it is usually hard to diagnose drain field problems. Problems with the drain field bring foul odors, sluggish flushing, and backed-up toilets. You may also see wet spots, which can make sections of your property unusable. Which common problems need septic tank drain field repair services?

1. Solid Waste is Clogging the Drain field

Biodegradation breaks down solids before they leave the septic tank. But non-biodegradable solids often make their way into the tank, these items include napkins and sanitary towels. These solids will leave the septic tank unbroken and potentially clog the drain field piping. These solids must be removed from the piping, and when it fails, the piping is replaced. They also do remediation to restore the bacteria that break down organic matter.

2. Grease Capping  

Grease from the house plumbing system causes problems in the drain field. This molten grease cools and forms a cap over the drain field. Grease capping prevents oxygen from penetrating the drain field, which slows down organic decomposition.

A grease cap is hard to remove, but it is doable. The septic tank drain field repair service uses special grease-digesting bacteria. They will also use special enzymes for biological remediation of the drain field.

3. The Drain field Soil is Compacted

The soil above the drain field should be loose to allow oxygen to seep through and reach the drain field. When the soil becomes compacted, there is no oxygen getting to the seepage bed, which slows down organic decomposition. Common causes of soil compaction include parking vehicles and paving over the drain field.

The septic tank drain field repair service solves the problem of soil compaction by doing soil fracturing. They use special heavy equipment that breaks down the soil and makes it loose again. They can then pour down special enzymes down the loose soil to do bioremediation.

4. Tree Roots are infiltrating the Drain field

Moisture attracts tree roots, and the roots will make their way to the drain field. They break the piping and cause clogging. Old root-killing chemicals kill off bacteria and enzymes in the drain field. Root repair involves using environmentally friendly chemicals that stop root growth without killing your trees or harming the bacteria in the drain field.

Is your drain field faulty? Engage a septic tank drain field repair service for a long-lasting solution.