If you are planning a project with contemporary architecture, the design may be full of modern, industrial-like materials. Options like reclaimed lumber can help you add the right features to the design. The natural materials will integrate some of the old-world design into your contemporary architecture. The following information will give you some ideas to use reclaimed lumber in the contemporary design:

Barn Lumber Sliding Features

Sliding doors are a common feature in traditional and contemporary architecture. In contemporary designs, you can rethink these sliding features to make them more functional. These features can be entire walls that can be moved to open spaces or close when you want. Barn lumber is the perfect solution for these features. Barn lumber will also give you a lot of options for hardware and design for the sliding wall features.

Reclaimed Lumber for Flooring

Floors are another area where you can use reclaimed lumber for natural features in contemporary designs. If you are using reclaimed lumber for the floors, you want to look for unique materials. Talk to a supplier about available materials and try to get lumber that is rare or difficult to get. You may also want to stain and protect these surfaces with epoxy. In addition, you can be more creative by combining different species of reclaimed lumber materials. Likewise, features like stairs can be finished with reclaimed barn wood to add unique accents to the design.

Walls with Reclaimed Wood

The walls of your contemporary design can also be finished with reclaimed wood. These accents can be floating finishes that make the reclaimed lumber seem to float freely in the open air. They can also be artistic designs and patterns that are built into the finishes of walls. You can even use reclaimed barn materials to create a stone-like finish for the walls.  

Reclaimed Lumber Exposed Structural Components

The structural components of contemporary design can also be accented with reclaimed lumber. This is done by building faux beams, columns, and other features. This is a great way to integrate old-world structural design elements into your modern home design. Faux structural elements can also provide spaces for modern mechanical installations to keep them out of sight. This helps to create a clean look, which is important for contemporary designs.

Architectural features can easily be enhanced with reclaimed lumber finishes. For more information, contact a business like Old World Lumber Company